A wedding party celebrating with their hands in the air

Wedding Photography

Make sure your big day is marked by clear, creative pictures.

A high school senior sitting in front of a rock wall and trees

Senior Portraits

Celebrate your graduation with a photoshoot in the local botanical gardens.

A baby sitting on the grass and smiling

Family Portraits

Family portraits are the perfect gift for anniversaries and holidays.

An aerial photo of a commercial building taken from a drone

Drone Work – Boyds Eye View

Offer a creative angle on the home you’re trying to sell.

A Professional Photographer Can Make All the Difference

Choose our photographer for events in Damariscotta, ME

If you’re going to pay for professional photos, it’s important to work with a detailed, caring photographer. One who will make sure the lighting and angles are perfect. One who won’t let you take a picture with a wrinkly shirt or lipstick on your teeth. You’ll find that and more when you hire Dennis Boyd Photography.

Our Damariscotta, ME photographer has been taking professional pictures since 2010. We focus on providing the best customer service possible during every photoshoot. You’ll appreciate our attention to detail when you look through our gorgeous shots.

Let’s make a memory. Reach out to us now to schedule your photo session.

Take advantage of our unmatched photography skills

You can expect us to bring the equipment we need to take beautiful pictures in different environments. We’re skilled at capturing moments under different lighting. We specialize in:

Wedding photography

Senior portraits

Family portraits

We also offer aerial photography. Real estate agents like to use our services to present a new angle of their homes, but the service is also available for events. Get in touch with us today to schedule our services. We offer a 20% discount to veterans and active-duty military personnel. We also provide 20% discounts for referrals.

Expect every detail to be perfect

Our lead photographer has a military background. He uses that experience to take detailed pictures that will take you back to your happiest moments. We’ll make sure every aspect is perfect before we take the picture so you’re more than satisfied with the results. Call 207-766-7112 now to hire us for professional photography in Damariscotta, ME.